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You have sparked a fire deep inside me that was long to be forgotten bro!! This was the most beautiful piece of work I have ever witnessed! The art and detail is so amazing I can't even talk about it...fresh..original and damn the music was so uplfting! The cross in languages were amazing to me and really brought the characters alive but the message hiding inside...that was icing on my 13 layer cake! I can't believe the creativity put into this, the fluid animation is soo amazing!!! I came back here to get my movie ready and this just made me wanna improve so much more on it!!! I will definately have to keep in touch with you all!!

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B.Y.E. B.Y.E.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great way to return to NG after 6 years..

Its great to see the stick figure generation hasnt died off yet..that was some really fluid animation man with some crazy ideas...its good to be back on here!!!!!

The Real Legend 3 The Real Legend 3

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What a way to start the day off after work!

It was a pleasure to get outta work, log in after iono how many years and see part 3 of The Real Legend. The animation and art is amazing, the voice acting was so professional man..really good!! You wrote a good script cause i was laughing at every scene. With work and the adult life i havent been able to submit anything lately...but im happy it didnt get to you yet, You really deserve a higher score then what you have. Hopefully this wont be your last and i guess imma have to make a lil come back soon lol.

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Lilium -Teaser- Lilium -Teaser-

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Congradulations, i see what you've done

Everyone has an opinion. Some may look at the first movie, like mplindustries, the way he does....but i dont. I take the plot a little more differently. Heres a girl who is obviously alone in life. Since she has a little brother on the way, she will be completly forgotten. So a demon comes and grants the one wish she desired the most, a friend. By this happening she has to give something in return. The unborn baby brother she will never know, and the blood of her parents, stainded in her hands. All for a friend, Which she never got.
Now, we see her walking..... alone. Just by her walking we know he has changed his style from comic book, to animation. We only hear the music as he uses this time to show us what is to come for the series. We see some nicely done clothing and foot movement. Then as we see lilium herself, it stops. Only to again let us know, she has a voice, and a very angelic voice for her appearence. Now again many may not agree but this is how i see his movie and i have to say for myself. I will be looking for your movie and congradulations for completing the little girls story, know as lilium. Guys i havent been here in a while but stop being so negative. Ive used this time away to open my mind and see things for what they are. Just remember, these are teenagers and young adults are ages, telling us the stories they either been through, or created. Just one person, not a company or mass team.

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Goku vs Vegeta TLD Goku vs Vegeta TLD

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Very nice effects

You have a good way of showing their power. I enjoyed this movie alot. And as much as i love to animate, while learning new techniques i have to ask, how were you able to create the effects. I understand if you dont wanna say but i think all the DBZ animators are curious. The power force, the ki shots were amazing. Good movie man and like i said if you can give that info, i think i could increase the bar for the 2D Dragon Ball Z.

DuDuL responds:

Thx... and as for the effects i dun need to hide it... i just edit the SPRITE BEAM EFFECTS in photoshop... using smudge tool...
Aura im makin also from sprites ones using smudge XD (based on Budokai 3)
Remember to put that done effects in "ADD" blending XD

Ordinary Conversation Ordinary Conversation

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Get off my bed......OFF MY BED!!!!!!!!!!! this movie killed me in so many ways. You anime art style mixed with our american culture made this a must see movie. Very nice art and convo. I think this would be a nice genre. Maybe you guys can think it over. I know part 2 movies always bomb but you guys might be an exception.

XIN Session 11 XIN Session 11

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Love the new look

Guys, this series has voice actors on their site and their very damn good. I mean professional like actors. where you found Ghai's, Legends and Xin's voices i dunno. But their all amazing. Perfect expressions and volume level. You guys have an excellant series. I love your style and character's personalaitys speak for themselves. They seem a little more american like then the typical anime personality. And i think thats why your series has done so well. Animation has improved dramitically and i cant wait for the next episode. Major cliff hanger so cant wait for ep.12. ( well ep 13, lol i kinda saw 12 on the site ).

Remeber guys, This series has vocies. JUst go to their site and click on the blue links.

Mario Kart Underground Mario Kart Underground

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Once i saw your name i knew it was good. Your mega man vs Quick man was excellent and this one was just as good with more childhood hero of mine lol. I loved this movie. and your effects were really nice. im glad to see you can animate just about any character, thats really great. I wish i could do different styles of drawing but ive trained with only one style lol. So keep this up and hey why not make a movie with Dante from DMC. Itll be a challenge but i know you can do it. aight man lataz........YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

Mega Man vs. Quick Man Mega Man vs. Quick Man

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Damn megaman

you and jerry really made the top 500 more injoyable. This movie had some really creative fight scenes and designs. You really made megaman a badass in this lol. I loved all his forms and blaster. But quickman really made this movie sick. running on the wall, throwing those beams, just sick. great color, great animation, great imagination, excellant improvment.

Moonlight Moonlight

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Moonlight forever

i remember when i saw alien report. i said this guy is really creative cuase of the designs with the characters and backgrounds. after i took a break and came back i saw fear. When i saw your name i couldnt believe how much you changed and improved. Now this......this is what i been waiting for from you. You not only captured every trick and trade, but you came up with a style of your own. voices were fitting, music hit the right mood, and scenary was just perfect. so keep this all up and show them how great work looks like. ignore those pointless complaints ( the over used slah in the air ), thats not a good reason to give it a point less on a review. excellant!!!!!